Chaplin, Now and Then

pop mitzvah!


Me and the old ball and chain were talking about Chaplin (1992) recently, and nearly watched it before we realized it was five hours long. I’ve seen it anyway, and it’s kind of terrible. RDJ is very committed and affecting as always, but the script is seriously unreal in its mediocrity. As always, I think Ebert says it best:

The screenplay, by three writers, is a whirl of name-dropping and arch dialogue, in which famous Hollywood names alternate with Charlie’s latest conquests. The plot structure is so ancient it creaks…There must have been more. (He) must have been more complex and more interesting than this movie shows him. If the screenwriters in their research couldn’t find more intriguing insights into his life and art, they should have made them up; the movie would have been no more false than it is now.

I guess when I first read the review…

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