Das Boot. 20 Films.

Mini-seals of approval

It’s easy to carried away with music, art and films. Most people who know me will roll their eyes when I often say ‘it’s the best album I’ve ever heard’ etc. Enthusiasm is good even if it can be short-lived in the long-term.

I do, however, think I’ve just seen one of the most unique movies that I’ve ever sat through. Over the last 20 years or so, I have heard random people eulogise about 1981’s sprawling epic U-Boat movie Das Boot (The Boat). One of the people I heard rate the film was obsessed with boats so I always figured he was wrong or at least boat-biased.

Approaching the 4 Hour mark, the movie is perhaps more like a mini-series than a standard film. It does, however work as a huge sit down and get taken away experience like few movies would ever dare to try.

No spoilers…

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