Film Friday 2 – Promethius


In writing this, I have to assume you have all seen Alien?! If you haven’t seen it, then I think you really need to ask yourself why……… followed by obtaining the film and getting it watched quicksmart. That will be time well spent and you can then avoid this film.

For those of you that have seen Alien, Alien 2 and then the following ones that started to lose the initial story a bit and just cash in on the brand – then you might be like me. Expecting the release of a prequel to that awesome 1979 classic, to be amazing! IMDb lies, it’s not a 7.2 and it’s not as amazing as it should be.

The scope for this film should have been epic, how Alien came about, how it got into space, why we found it, all of the above. They have missed a trick in my…

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