Going Oh So Capitol

Victor's Village

Batten down the hatches, fashion lovers! The capitol has got some new color for you!

Last year, Capitol Couture launched… and almost immediately went *phhhhhwumph* as it fizzled into the abyss. We got a couple new Effie stills, a press release about nail polish, and periodic photos of really cute designer shoes and accessories. Something very similar happened with The Capitol.pn currently under construction!) So yeah, that ridiculous sound effect I just made up is LEGIT.

With Catching Fire on the horizon, Capitol Couture has returned WITH A VENGEANCE! There are actual issues this time around, the first of which has a so-foreign-it’s-fancy name, Chroma Nouveau! More than that, there are multiple sections to the issue that you can actually browse through! With input and looks from tons of different fashion experts and designers! We knew something was coming, with the big Capitol Couture style launch party and all…

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