Inspiration and some perspiration (although it’s officially not summer)


Thursday is definitely the new Friday (I am overusing this phrase immensely lately), and as a result, it’s the perfect time to get a boost of inspiration before the weekend actually rolls around.

For me, these sorts of things really do the trick:

-This pink outfit

-Anything with coconut in this heat (with the exception of a terribly tragic pina colada consumed in Grand Cayman). Try Whole Foods 365 brand coconut popsicles – you will thank me later.

-I don’t know what it is, but I really love Miranda Kerr. She not only is an advocate of a healthy lifestyle (which is inspiration in itself) but she really sends such a sweet, gentle message in her book (and in interviews – skip ahead to 2:50). I think it’s important to look to certain people (friends, public figures, whoever) who stir something in you! I have so many, and I am…

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