Iron Man 3 Review


Another movie review!

Don’t judge me but this was actually the first Iron Man movie I saw in the theater. Actually, it’s the first Avengers-related movie I’ve seen in theaters, besides Avengers. Well, it was a good one.

The thing I was most interested about going into this movie was what happens to Tony Stark after the events in The Avengers? Because villains are cool and all but honestly, we know Tony Stark/ Iron Man will be victorious in the end.

The movie started off a bit strangely- with Tony Stark doing a voiceover. We got some history about our bad guy (and a small cameo from an Iron Man mentor!). Fast forward a few years and we’re learning about a new bad guy- The Mandarin. Tony does a pretty stupid thing and gives his address out to the press and in short order we’re watching his…

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