Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Fern Gully, Fitzgerald, and Frappuccinos


Before we get going here, you should know that I grew up on The Wrath of Kahn. My parents can attest that, as a little girl, I was so haunted by a fear of the mind control critters Kahn stuck in peoples’ ears that I wandered the house with my hands covering my ears for days… so they took me to the doctor believing I might have an ear infection.

Nope. Kahn is just a terrifying dude with a beach-perfect chest.

Going into my viewing of Into Darkness, I hadn’t heard much of anything about it other than it was awesome. Thus, I was completely surprised by Kahn and the allusions to his wrath.

Some positives:

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the casting choice they made for Kahn; I was blown away by how well Benedict Cumberbatch (what a name, right?) captured the Kahn voice quality. He had it…

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