The Impossible (and unwarranted nudity)


Have you seen The Impossible? It is a fantastic film based on a family’s true story during the horrible Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. It is sad, but also inspiring. Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor are in it and both do a phenomenal job. With that said, I have a problem with the Hollywood tendency to show nudity whenever and wherever. Was it really necessary to show Naomi Watt’s breasts in this movie? No. Not even the tired “it was relative to the story” slogan works for this one. There was absolutely no need.

Although the movie wasn’t technically produced by a Hollywood studio, it certainly was influenced by Hollywood’s tendencies. Why is that? What was the point of those two brief scenes? Can you picture this conversation? “Hey, come see this amazing and inspiring movie about this horrible tragedy. No? Well, there’s always Naomi’s breasts.” If you can…

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