After Earth

Bailey's Buzz

After Earth is made uninhabitable by humans, the Rangers, led by Cypher Raige (Will Smith), relocate the entire human race to other planets. The Rangers are mankind’s armed forces, protecting and leading them.

The aliens (no specific planetary origin is given) are not too happy with the humans moving in. They have bred Ursas, a species of alien monster that are technically blind, but can smell the pheromones released when a person is scare, using the scent to track and kill humans to control the invasion. Cypher has developed the ability to “ghost.” That is, he is not afraid of the Ursas, so they cannot track him because he is not emitting any pheromones.

After watching his sister, Senshi (Zoe Kravitz) killed by an Ursa, Kitai (Jaden Smith), Cypher’s young son, is eager to join the Rangers. Commander Velan (Glenn Morshower) doesn’t think Kitai is ready yet, and refuses to…

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