Critics banished Will Smith to Hell for ‘After Earth’

Albany Post

Will Smith was banished to hell for making the movie After Earth after critics saw the advanced screening yesterday. Critics made a deal with the devil to sell their heart to the devil in order to banish Will Smith to hell (they sold their hearts because they already sold their soul when they became critics).

The devil dug his way up to the surface of Earth with a shovel and kidnapped Will Smith last night. “I would have teleported, but the teleporter’s out, the devil said.” The devil is currently in the process of digging he and Will Smith back down to hell. “Everybody thinks it’s so easy to be the devil. The truth is this digging stuff is more annoying than public transportation.”

Many critics were bothered by Jaden Smith starring in the movie. “He (Will Smith) is trying to make Jaden famous by himself. America tells you who…

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