‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’

Cinema or Cine-meh?


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Directed by Shane Black

7.5/10  R

“My name’s Harry Lockhart; I’ll be your narrator.” That’s Robert Downey Jr., playing a thief masquerading as an actor who pretends to be a private detective. This is how writer/director Shane Black (who also directs RDJ in “Iron Man 3”) decides to start his story off, having his narrator introduce himself directly to the audience, and it embodies all the quirky deliciousness that “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” has to offer.

Harry Lockhart is a New Yorker transplanted in L.A. for a fake acting career. He’s told to work with private eye Gay Perry (a riotously kiss_kiss_bang_bang05entertaining Val Kilmer), who’s been hired as a consultant in order to help Lockhart hone the art of investigation for his big movie role. When the phony Lockhart gets wrapped up in a big-time crime involving a childhood friend (who moved to L.A. for…

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