Moonrise Kingdom

pure as the cold driven snow

A twelve-year old boy and a twelve-year old girl. Too young to be married, too young to be together. Two people that have their own issues, and two people that are unmistakably in love with each other.

Moonrise Kingdom's movie poster

Moonrise Kingdom represents the life of two young adolescents, who have met each other in a very interesting way. The movie showed how they struggle to battle their own life crisis and their own personal dispute. Sam, a resigned Junior Khaki scout is an orphaned boy who thinks that being orphaned is definitely not special. Suzy on the other hand is a girl with three younger brothers who firmly believes that her binoculars gives her magical powers.

This movie basically shows how young love can be so powerful and adorable at the same time (not to mention contagious). I cannot give you the whole deets about what happened and all but i can…

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