Movie: The Croods (2013)


imagesThe critics panned it but the audience loved it.  I am with the audience on this one.

The story revolves around a prehistoric, Neanderthal family consisting of the father Grug (voiced by Nicholas Cage), his family of wife Ugga, daughter Sandy, son Thunk and the youngest daughter Eep. While the rest of the family is content to obey the strict rules required for survival in the prehistoric world that they inhabit, Eep (voice by Emma Stone) is a free spirit, rebellious in nature despite the dangers she invites.  Grug is exasperated with her.

One day, in the night, when everyone is sleeping, she sets out investigating a light she sees and meets Guy (voice by Ryan Reynolds) from a whole new species (homo sapiens).  He teaches her about fire.  He gives her a shell to sound if she needs him.

When their cave and therefore the entire sanctuary they knew…

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