My Favourite Rajnikanth Movie

Found a raft in the ocean of life. Sailing by...


   The movie Thillu Mullu, directed by KB takes audience through an interesting title sequence with pauses strategically placed to keep the audience hooked at the beginning. The creators of this movie have raised their stakes high to keep the audience wrapped. A remake of the Hindi movie, Golmal 1979- The remake has clearly been made for the Tamil audience who were waiting to receive the action packed hero of the time in a different light. Under KB’s brainchild, Rajni ended up proving his acting skills breaking the cliches of his hero image. His name, Aiyampettai Arivudainambi Kaliyaperumal Chandran and Aiyampettai Arivudainambi Kaliyaperumal Indran only make the audience send peels of laughter. This is common in our country where some people’s name are as long as a goods train.

   Rajni potrays one character who is upright and honest, the other comes across as a romantic rogue. Both characters…

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