Now You See Me

Escaping Whitnae

Now you see meIf you love David Copperfield, are intrigued by sleight of hand, or simply appreciate a good card trick I think you will enjoy Now You See Me. This movie kept me guessing and questioning until the very end. Mark Ruffalo (FBI) and Melanie Laurent (Interpol) get stuck with a case involving magicians (entertainers) committing crimes, playing Robin Hood (taking from the rich and giving to the poor), or just putting on a good show (a GREAT show, I was impressed). I really disliked Ruffalo’s character at the beginning; however, he began to grow on me throughout the movie. The “love” interest seemed a little forced to me but it was sweet.
The Four Horseman (magicians) were very well cast. Jesse Eisenberg is every bit (if not more) arrogant than he was in The Social Network, but this time he is (a little) more likable. Woody Harrelson is…

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