Planes is a spinoff of Cars, but interestingly, the film doesn’t seem to be associated with Pixar. It’s straight Disney — which isn’t unprecedented. Disney has made CGI films without Pixar before; it’s just that they’ve never made a spinoff of a Pixar movie without Pixar. Who knows, maybe soon Disney’s going to vanquish Pixar and engulf the company entirely unto its dominion.

Anyhoo, Planes looks harmless enough. Colorful, fast paced and fun. It’s the story of a lowly crop duster that takes it upon himself to race other much faster planes. And apparently in the Plane world, airplane races operate much like NASCAR, which if that happened in reality, would be really, really awesome. There’s also a lot of good voice talent, including Dane Cook, John Cleese and Cedric the Entertainer. But ultimately Planes just looks like Cars in the sky. Disney’s not pushing too many barriers with…

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