Review: Star Trek #21

I Got Issues...

Star Trek #21Title: Star Trek #21

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cost: $3.99

Storytellers: Mike Johnson (writer), Roberto Orci (story consultant), and Erfan Fajar (artist).

Picking up after the new movie, Star Trek into Darkness, the Klingon’s have identified the individual who “invaded” their homeworld as James T. Kirk, a Starship Captain of Starfleet and this means war! After interrogating Robert April (see the Star Trek Countdown to Darkness mini series), Kirk and crew begin their 5-year mission, however Spock starts to enter Pon Farr, which requires a detour New Vulcan. Once getting there, Spock is introduced to his betrothed! On Romulus, the Senate is met by several shadowed members of Section 31 who want Romulan help in defeating the Klingons.

First things first, go see Star Trek into Darkness, it’s a great movie and an outstanding follow up to the amazing Star Trek reboot movie. I was most impressed that the…

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