“The Great Gatsby” – Film Review

Dante's Writings

Baz Luhrmann is synonymous with two things: films that are drenched in visual effects and imagery, and films with an explosive soundtrack. He loves his visual theatrics and uses it well. Lurhmann keeps up this exaggerative tradition with his latest directorial feature, The Great Gatsby. It’s based on the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which almost anyone with a high-school education has read before, or has at least Sparknoted it.

When I first heard about the new Gatsbyfilm, I was hit with several flashes of nostalgia. I read the book years ago (2009 to be precise), so I can only vaguely remember what happened in the book; most of which were images of the 1974 film version with Robert Redford. Although I do remember that I really did enjoy the book, and that I did rather well in the exam.

The trailers and pictures were breathtaking. The cast line-up…

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