The Hated – Review of Congo

Unwanted Criticisms



Following the success of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, there was a resurgence of his book to movie adaptations in the 90’s. Many of these were panned by critics, and I’ll be reviewing a few of them here, since I still like them. One of the hated, released in 1995, was Congo.


I didn’t see this in the theater, I saw it on TV after the fact. Still, I thought it was a pretty fun movie. For those who haven’t seen it, this movie goes like this. Media conglomerate guy sends his son in search of a diamond to power a laser, which is to be used for communications. He gets attacked, and they send his girlfriend/coworker after him. In order to get into that area of the Congo, they tag along with a primate scientist guy (I’m super smart and eloquent), who is going to return a captive gorilla to…

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