Blood, Tears and War


So who  was a  stupid person and wrote the movie review but forgot to upload it … *raises her hand* sorry.. I’ll make it up somehow……

Le random person:  G tell me  how do you like spending your weekends  ?

Me:  Well I like making home made ice tea, hairspraing spider to the  wall’s as well as drawing half naked korean singer or fashion designs …..  Ouuuu lets not forget watching a movie and weeping at the end of it like a little baby.

Le random person: …….

Me: ….

Le random person: ….. ok

Me: ……  DON’T YOU Freeking dare  to judge me !!

So I have watched a lot of different kinds of korean movies by now and to be  honest then i have enjoyed korean comedy the most. Even when I have watched dramas I choose some with a funny background.  But those really close to me…

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