Casino (1995)



Trust. The fascinating theme and moral reassurance for Martin Scorsese’s attempt to hit critics and audiences as hard as he hit them with his classic, Goodfellas. Unfortunately, his arm isn’t strong enough to smack the audience on that level. However, he does leave a great impression thanks to his style, control, of course the two components that make his films the best of the best: his film editor and Robert DeNiro.

In Spanish, “money” is translated to “dinero”. Hiring Robert DeNiro to star as the leading role in a film centered around gambling. The irony is fascinating. Thrown into a role that is more simplistic than past roles Scorsese has put DeNiro front and center for, DeNiro delivers the goods and is the MVP in Casino, when his two co-stars are given much more to raise a circus with. Speaking of, Joe Pesci. While one may question the actor’s range…

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