‘Now You See Me’

The Offensive Movie Review


So it can forever be known, this ‘movie’ is the reason I felt compelled to start writing my un-adulterated reviews of movies. Moving forward, I hope to write at least once a week about a new attempt at cinema that led to me getting a migraine after viewing.

I’m going to start writing about this film by first congratulating our society. We have moved so far ahead that now, we as a people, can publicly watch a 2 hour filmed abortion on the wide screen; all hating ourselves for being there, but not being able to take our eyes away from the horrid act of morality in front of us.

All sarcasm aside, this was the worst 2 hours of cinematography I’ve been forced to sit through for a long time. The people next to me were genuinely concerned by the frequent audible sighs, fist clenching, and mock wrist cutting…

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