After Earth: A Guided Lesson

The Urban Film Stage


After crash landing from outer space into a place called “Earth” where chaos and destruction has caused the “disappearance” of mankind. The only two survivors Cypher Raige ( Will Smith) and Kitai Raige ( Jaden Smith) are faced between life and death.


This film had a reminiscent feel of the 2007 movie “I Am Legend” which also starred Will Smith only this time joined by his on/off-screen son Jaden Smith (“Karate Kid” and “The pursuit of Happyness”) void of mummies and in a more “futuristic” era, and with a much slower start.


After Cypher breaks both of his legs, Kitai is left with the responsibility and challenge to set out on a dangerous mission to find the “tail’ and save both he and his father’s life.

Written and directed by M. Night Shymalayan ( “The happening” and “The Village”). The film finally picks up momentum when we follow Jaden Smith’s character throughout the rest of the film, and…

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