So Prisoners is basically about the madness that comes with having your child kidnapped. I believe most of the trailer is simply preamble for the real crux of the story, which is that Hugh Jackman (the father of one of the kidnapped children) kidnaps the man believed to have kidnapped his daughter (the ever-so-creepy Paul Dano). And then we’re left to assume he does bad things to him.

But predictive spoiler alert: Paul Dano isn’t the bad guy. In the trailer, they essentially tell you this by never explicitly showing the girls interacting with Dano’s RV. They just imply it, leading me to believe they want the audience to believe it’s Paul Dano, when in fact the kidnapper is some other evil guy who really likes to draw labyrinths.

Why is this prediction likely true? — Because Hollywood movies typically work within a standardized moral framework. What would be the…

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