“Man of Steel”: Superman + Snyder + Nolan.


Last year it was “The Avengers”, then “The Dark Knight Rises”, and this year is the turn of the biggest superhero in the world: Superman. 

“Man of Steel” is the highly anticipated Superman movie starring Henry Cavill [from the tv series “The Tudors” and films like “Immortals” and “The Cold Light of Day”], directed by Zack Snyder [“300”, “Watchmen”] and produced by Christopher Nolan [The Dark Knight trilogy, “Inception”].

But what can we expect from it and why is it different from other Superman movies?

Whether you liked “300” or not, there’s no denial that Zack Snyder knows how to do proper action/science fiction and comic-adapted films.
Snyder often uses slow motion in and out of the fight scenes in his films, which will be a pretty interesting detail to see on “Man of…

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