Star Trek: Into Darkness Review




There is no doubt this franchise has made huge strides from it’s original predecessor. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of  Gene Roddenberry‘s creation. It took me 3 years to watch J.J. Abrams  2009 version and since then I’ve caved in. This sci-fi action packed sequel to Abrams Star Trek was no disappointment. From the gut wrenching opening scene, to crisis after crisis, Into Darkness left me feeling all good inside wanting a third Abram film to top off this incredible refreshed Star Trek saga. Still, it wasn’t perfect despite efforts to widen appeal beyond the sci-fi hardcore, the dialogue often gave into nonsense. (But what movie isn’t)  Then there was Kahn, the scary not so scary villain after all gimmick. There was a point where I honestly thought he wasn’t the antagonist, but Marcus. Obviously there are some holes and exaggerated drama to a hurried climax and…

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