Blue Jasmine


Looks like Galadriel’s taking a break from Middle Earth and heading to San Francisco. Blue Jasmine is Woody Allen’s latest film and it looks like a return to familiar territory for the director i.e. a woman in disarray. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Woody Allen has made a notable career from giving women stronger and more complex roles than Hollywood normally supplies. But I also worry that Blue Jasmine will simply be more of the same from Allen.

The plot seems clear enough. Jasmine, played by Cate Blanchett is a woman who’s used to having everything: money, glamor, Alec Baldwin. When she loses everything though, she moves in with her sister and tries, haphazardly, to put her life together. This could be a funny film, but also could skew dark.

It’s usually said that there’s a “Woody Allen” role in every Woody Allen film. That Woody Allen writes himself…

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