My Take On: The Purge




It’s the year 2020. Unemployment and crime are at an all time low. The country seems to finally be at peace, minus one annual night the “New Founding Fathers” call The Purge. This 12- hour period grants citizens the right to do anything otherwise illegal the rest of the year, and face no repercussions. Emergency services are disabled. It is attributed to be a “success” and helps “cleanse the souls” of Americans, while eliminating “problems” such as the homeless and bottled up rage. But have no fear, because Mr. Sandin (Ethan Hawke) is here with his home alarm systems to protect your family! If you’re rich, that is. This is the setup of the new thriller (shall I call it horror? Who knows?) directed by James DeMonaco. The Sandin family predicts peace as usual this year, but all is set on another path when their young son, attempting to…

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