Review: Now You See Me




Well ya’ll, I did it. I saw it. And why? Won’t lie, Morgan Freeman was a BIG part of it. I adore the man and could listen to him for ages. But besides my odd fascination with the man, I loved the movie. It was fantastical and magical all in one.

So I won’t give any details away here, but let me just say this: you won’t get what you expect, you’ll get so much more. From beginning to end the movie’s plot twists and turns and everything you think you know will go out the window and you will be blessed with your mind being boggled by an original film. And I must say I love the cast and couldn’t see any character played by anyone else. I especially love Eisenberg’s snarky and full-of-himself character. 

My only warning to you all is this: don’t try to figure it…

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